Zip One Type 27 Cutoff Wheel

June 13,2013

Walter Surface Technologies announces the launch of the new ZIP ONE TYPE 27, the latest addition to the ZIP ONE line of the high performance extra thin cut-off wheels, designed for optimal cutting in thin gage metal (under 18", or 3mm, thick). With the same ultra-thin design as the current 1mm ZIP ONE TYPE 1 (FLAT) cutting wheel, the ZIP ONE TYPE 27 features a special raised center for extra rigidity, durability and thinness, according to the company. The design of the TYPE 27 center hub allows for a larger cutting surface than standard progressive hubs, while enabling straighter, sharper, more precise and higher speed cuts for flush cutting applications.

"Our industry-leading ZIP ONE received tremendous market acceptance from its launch this past January. The ZIP ONE TYPE 27 is expected to hit the market with as much excitement. The product has been three years in the making and our engineers have delivered an ultra-thin cutting wheel that not only offers the most durable and rigid TYPE 27 in the industry, but one that provides sharper, straighter and more precise cuts when compared to competing TYPE 27 products. That's a key technical distinction that results in better productivity for the customer," states Patrick Lapointe, Vice President Research and Development, Walter Surface Technologies.

Featuring the same ultra-thin cutting wheel features as the ZIP ONE TYPE 1, the new ZIP ONE TYPE 27 is a specially reinforced, bonded wheel with a unique, proprietary mix of high performance abrasives that delivers thin, straight cuts while resisting bending.

Manufactured with an iron-free mix, ZIP ONE TYPE 27 cuts cool and fast and is guaranteed not to contaminate stainless steel. It avoids discoloration of the work piece and cuts burr-free, reducing post-cut finishing.