WTB4 MultiLine Photoelectric Sensor

March 13, 2013

SICK announced the launch of the WTB4 MultiLine Photoelectric sensor. The WTB4 uses specially designed optics to create two line-shaped light spots to continuously detect objects with large gaps, such as PCBs, or product that is shiny or dark from leading to trailing edge.

To activate the output, both light sources must reflect light back to the sensor. Once both light sources have been returned, the sensor will remain active even if one of the light beams is not returned. By using two light beams, the WTB4 is able to detect a wide range of products that previously caused downtime due to incorrect detection from a single point sensor.

The WTB4 features SICK's third-generation custom ASIC, which incorporates OES3 technology to provide excellent background suppression. With OES3 technology, these sensors are able to ignore shiny targets, detect multi-colored objects and offer excellent ambient light immunity. As the first product of its kind available on the market, the WTB4 is ideal for a wide range of packaging and semiconductor applications.