Wohlhaupter NOVITECH Vibration-Dampened Intermediate Module

September 24, 2018
Wohlhaupter NOVITECH Vibration-Dampened Intermediate Module

Allied Machine & Engineering announces the availability of its new Wohlhaupter NOVITECH vibration-dampened intermediate module, which increases boring operations productivity, surface quality and process reliability while extending the insert and machine center’s spindle life.

Mounted inside the patent-pending NOVITECH system, the viscoelastically mounted damper modules reduce vibrations during the machining of diameters from 1.97” to  8.07” (50mm to 205mm), up to 10 diameters deep. The NOVITECH intermediate modules feature Wohlhaupter’s MultiBore system (MVS), making it simple to use with existing Wohlhaupter components and is compatible with any machine spindle.

Related Glossary Terms

  • boring


    Enlarging a hole that already has been drilled or cored. Generally, it is an operation of truing the previously drilled hole with a single-point, lathe-type tool. Boring is essentially internal turning, in that usually a single-point cutting tool forms the internal shape. Some tools are available with two cutting edges to balance cutting forces.