VS 101 Camera System

February 26, 2016
VS 101 Camera System

Schaumburg-based Heidenhain recently introduced the VS 101 camera system as a new feature of its flagship TNC 640 mill-turn machine in order to automatically monitor the setup situation and machining result, according to a a company news release.

The TNC 640, Heidenhain’s versatile contouring control, is said to be well-suited for HSC and 5-axis machining on machines up to 18 axes. The new VS 101 camera system now enables the TNC operator to not only monitor setup and machining result, but also view faulty situations that are displayed on the control.

Visual Setup Control (VSC) is said to be an effective means of preventing faulty parts because the camera system is designed to identify incorrectly positioned workpieces and incorrectly mounted or missing fixtures. To detect faults, operators can use the camera system to run nominal-to-actual value comparisons.

After starting the VSC function, the cover of the camera is opened and the camera starts recording images. The data is transmitted to the control that compares the images to a reference image. If a wrong setup is detected, the process is stopped and the faults are displayed. If everything is alright, the camera lens is closed and machining is continued.

Among the VS 101 hardware components included:

  • an industrial camera (1.31 MP) with Gigabit Ethernet and either 6mm or 4.5mm prime lens,
  • protective housing with proximity sensors, affixed to spindle housing,
  • an integrated cylinder with valve that opens/closes the cover,
  • DA 400 compressed-air unit for sealing air and air curtain.
  • The camera has a 12V to 24V supply and a LAN connection for image data transmission to the control. The camera’s hardware components were specifically designed for Heidenhain controls, and for rough ambient conditions in the machine’s working space.