Vigilant LED High Bay Fixture

September 01, 2014

Dialight announced the availability of its new CE compliant and UL-certified Vigilant LED High Bay fixture with integrated controls and cloud based monitoring for industrial applications, including manufacturing, material processing and other rugged applications.

At 125 lumens per watt, the new Vigilant fixture is the latest addition to Dialight's growing portfolio of cloud based smart controlled LED lighting systems that offers remote monitoring capability to maximize energy efficiency and simplify lighting management only utilizing lighting when and where it is required. The entire system, including the fixtures, Dialight designed integrated drivers, are all covered by Dialight's exclusive 10-year full-performance warranty.

Following many LED industrial lighting innovations, the new Vigilant with built-in controls bolsters the company's position as the global leader in the LED High Bay market, with an installed base of more than 300,000 fixtures worldwide. Equipped Vigilant fixtures are available ranging from 11,000 to 26,500 lumens, with exceptional efficiency as high as 125 lumens per watt.

"Dialight is quickly becoming the leader in smart controls, giving facility managers the power to manage and control their lighting with customized programming for maximum energy savings," said Roy Burton, Group Chief Executive of Dialight plc. "With both non-hazardous and hazardous location certified products available, including our exclusive Class I Div 2 certified controls, Dialight is setting the stage for the future of LED lighting technology for the harshest applications."

The new Vigilant with Controls allows facilities to leverage numerous energy-saving and operational advantages, including:

• 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.15.4 wireless mess networking

• IEC 62386 compliant

• DALI Cloud-based monitoring and controls for simplified remote management from anywhere via tablet, laptop or smartphone

• Ambient light sensors and programmable dimming for effective daylight harvesting, with integrated occupancy sensors on wall mounted gateway devices to automatically override scheduled off or dim state

• Mesh network technology to group and control up to 100 lights in any configuration.

Related Glossary Terms

  • fixture


    Device, often made in-house, that holds a specific workpiece. See jig; modular fixturing.