Vigilant and SafeSite Low Profile/Top Conduit LED Linear Fixtures

May 06, 2019
Vigilant and SafeSite Low Profile/Top Conduit LED Linear Fixtures

Dialight launched its new line of Vigilant and SafeSite Low Profile/Top Conduit LED Linear fixtures, now offering an industry-leading 10-year warranty for reliable, long-life performance with triple the lifespan of conventional T-5 fluorescents even in the harshest conditions, including upstream and downstream oil and gas, petrochemical and heavy manufacturing applications.

Ideal for both ambient and task lighting, the new Linear line offers an output of 9,600 lumens and 139 lumens per watt providing a significantly more efficient, longer-lasting replacement for conventional 4-bulb T-5 fluorescent fixtures. And, unlike conventional fluorescents that degrade as a result of dimming, Dialight’s LED Linear line offers the flexibility of enhanced dimming from 5 to 100 percent output with zero impact on performance or longevity.

“Dialight’s legacy as the innovation leader continues with these new LED linear options that provide the versatility, reliability and efficiency you’ve come to expect from every Dialight product,” said Marty Rapp, Dialight Group chief executive. “Not only do we offer a comprehensive line of linear products, but our growing collection of 10-year warranted products reflects our commitment to protecting our customers’ investment in lighting, site efficiency and workplace safety.”

With conventional fluorescent relamping typically required on a three-year cycle, the Dialight Low Profile/Top Conduit Linear’s 10-year warranted operation eliminates three relamping cycles, saving companies the cost of labor, equipment and production shutdowns that can significantly impact productivity and profitability. It also reduces the hazards associated with lighting maintenance for improved worker safety.

In addition to an L70 rating for over 100,000 hours of dependable operation, the new Linear line is also tested to up to 2,000 PSI of hose-directed water, making them durable enough to withstand the rigors of washdowns in harsh environments. Enhanced surge protection provides up to 6kV line-to-line and line-to-ground resistance.  Plus, customers can utilize 100-277VAC and 120-250VDC operation with a single, purpose-built, in-house designed driver.

Dialight is also offering customers a wider range of optics to choose from, delivering broader light distribution, which can actually reduce the number of fixtures required to light the same area.

Dialight understands the importance of having dual listed products for the offshore drilling market, which is why the new SafeSite linear will come standard with dual UL 844 and NEC 505 listings. SafeSite products will be available in UL 844 Class I, Div. 2, Class II, Class III and NEC 505 Class I, Zone 2 hazardous location listings. Vigilant models will be certified to UL 1598/A, CSA and both Vigilant and SafeSite products carry the rugged NEMA 4X and IP66/67 to ensure maximum performance in industrial and hazardous applications.