Vending Machine Touchscreen Display

April 06, 2022
High-Resolution Touchscreen Display Monitor for Industrial Vending Machines

1sourcevend, a provider of simple, flexible and affordable inventory control software and hardware, has added an upgraded high-resolution touchscreen display monitor for its industrial vending machines.

The new display screen, which comes installed on 1sourcevend’s helix coil, locker and combination machines, as well as drawer cabinets, offers an upgrade in the size, quality and interactions with its users and how they locate and select items from machines. The touchscreen allows users to easily view pictures and descriptions of products available within the machine to ensure that they get exactly what they need. Each user’s selections are customized to their level of access and job type.

“1sourcevend sought out the best performance device. With 4G cellular connectivity, our new touchscreen has much clearer high-resolution graphics, in addition to connecting via Wifi and ethernet,” says Mark Hill, president of 1sourcevend.

Touchscreen access of this quality is mainly used in retail vending to process payments. 1sourcevend found this advanced technology was a perfect fit for its proprietary inventory management platform, 1sourcelive, and customized the touchscreen to create the best user experience for distributors and their customers.

The new Android touchscreen, pre-loaded with direct access to 1sourcelive, tracks inventory usage in real-time, triggering automated replenishment when inventory reaches a set minimum level.

The latest upgrades also include new features for locker machines such as:

  • Inventory for returnable items switches between 1 and 0 when items are checked out and returned
  • New report showing which items are checked out
  • Lock In/ Out items based on Date, Number of Uses, or to mark a product as damaged or in need of recalibration
  • New notifications for when items are locked out
  • Employee admins can check out locked items, service them and return them to the machine
  • Reports showing which items need service, as well as service history