Variaxis 730-5X II

April 01, 2010

Mazak's high-performance VARIAXIS 730-5X II provides high-speed, heavy-duty, five-axis machining of large, complex parts. The machine is equipped with a 30-tool magazine standard or 80-tool or 120-tool optional magazines. The machine's 50-taper spindle features high-performance characteristics, including a maximum spindle speed of 10,000 rpm and 40 hp. The 1,654-ipm rapid traverse rate in X-, Y- and Z-axes reduces cycle times. Additionally, the machine's tilting rotary table has an A-axis (tilting) rotation of 150 degrees and a C-axis rotation of +/- 360 degrees, both in increments as small as 0.0001 degrees. Machine travels are 28.74" x 33.46" x 22.05" on the X, Y and Z axes, respectively. The table size on a single-pallet machine is 24.8" x 19.7", with a maximum table load of 1,102 lbs. An optional two-pallet changer system features a table of 19.7" x 19.7". With the two-pallet option, the VARIAXIS 730-5X II can easily be expanded to include Mazak's Palletech material handling technology to increase spindle utilization dramatically through unattended operation.

Related Glossary Terms

  • rapid traverse

    rapid traverse

    Movement on a CNC mill or lathe that is from point to point at full speed but, usually, without linear interpolation.