Type 5697-DAQ

July 01, 2010

Kistler Instrument Corp. has announced the North American debut of Type 5697-DAQ, a powerful piezoelectric force measurement data acquisition system controlled by Kistler's own proprietary DynoWare software. The system is designed to capture and analyze data in applications such as cutting forces, general R&D and test laboratory environments in which single or multi-component force sensors and dynamometers are in use. With basic components that include a compact connection box and the accompanying Kistler Type 2825A DynoWare software, Type 5697-DAQ incorporates a 16-bit analog-to-digital converter and a trigger function. It can acquire and evaluate up to 28 channels at a high sampling frequency rate (125 kS/s per channel with eight channels) with excellent resolution. Units are designed for seamless interface and control of up to two multi-channel charge amplifiers or measurement chains and associated signal conditioning. The Type 5697-DAQ is easy to install via any standard USB 2.0 port, making the system independent of PCI and PCMCIA interfaces, and can be connected to a PC, with charge amplifier or signal conditioner remotely controlled via an RS-232C cable. The connection box contains the HASP key (dongle), runtime license and software. Measurements can be started remotely via the D-sub connector that is incorporated into the acquisition box, with power supplied via a robust Binder connector. The accompanying Type 2825A DynoWare software captures the signals from piezoelectric force sensors and dynamometers, converts them into readable information and outputs the results into a presentable format. It is compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems and includes several different functions for online visualization, signal evaluation and calculation, as well as individual documentation and saving of configuration and measurement data.