TubeShaper v2 Tube Design, Analysis and Production Platform

February 06, 2020
TubeShaper v2 Tube Design, Analysis and Production Platform

Hexagon's Manufacturing Intelligence division announced an update to its tube design, analysis and production platform TubeShaper. This new version delivers important new functionalities to customers in tube and pipe manufacturing, including inspection of rectangle-section tubes and new reporting functionality. TubeShaper v2 also offers an innovative new licensing concept that makes it more economical for multiple users to share measurement results and bending plans across different locations.

Under this new licensing concept, a new low-price "offline" license allows production supervisors, engineers and designers to work on TubeShaper projects separately from operators measuring tubes on the shop floor so that more tasks can run concurrently, saving time and minimizing software investment.

“Efficiency is key in tube production because the volumes are so high, so with this new version of TubeShaper we have focused on how we can help our customers save time,” says Anthony Vianna, product manager for portable measuring arms at Hexagon. “The new offline license is designed to allow design teams to create and plan measurements without creating bottlenecks that disturb the operators on the shop floor.”

With this update, the wide range of benders with which TubeShaper is compatible has been expanded and covers machines from market leaders, including Eaton Leonard, BLM, Addition MT and Numalliance.

This new version of TubeShaper still features the wide range of popular features that have made it an industry leader since the platform was first launched in 2015, including spring-back management and in-bend measurements for more accurate results in deep or shallow bends. The unique "sketch" function allows users to create a first tube from just a few digitized hard points, while automatic report creation ensures that results can be shared instantaneously to any location.