Touch Probe Rapid Repair Service Program

December 07, 2016
Touch Probe Rapid Repair Service Program

HEIDENHAIN Corp. Commercial Services is pleased to announce the new touch probe rapid repair service program. This new program will provide timely and accurate support to the touch probe stocking program launched earlier this year.

The touch probe rapid repair program is now providing all HEIDENHAIN’s North American touch probe customers with quicker turnaround for select touch probe assemblies. In stock are fixtures to repair probes and marry replacement for the following models:

  • Touch Probes:  TS 220, TS 460, TS 640 and TS 642
  • Tool Probes:  TT 140 and TT 160
  • Signal Transmitter/Receivers:  SE 540, SE 640, SE 660 and SE 642
  • Edge Finders:  KT 3D, KT 120D and KT 130