System Configurator for integrated Inverted Microscope Positioning System

April 19, 2020
integrated Inverted Microscope Positioning System Interactive Brochure

To answer the demand for an integrated inverted microscope positioning system that must match perfectly, PI (Physik Instrumente), a leader in precision motion control and nanopositioning solutions, has released an interactive brochure to aid in building the system by beginning with a fine positioner and/or a sample holder. Stages with piezo nanopositioning are incorporated to satisfy application requirements, such as low-profile, vibration-free dynamic range, and XY / Z positioning.

Precision Positioning is the Key Element in High Resolution Microscopy
Precision positioning of the sample is a must for accurate results when using an inverted microscope. PI provides options with high stability motorized stages for long travel ranges with wide dynamic range, manual sample positioning / prepositioning, piezo scanning stages, and z-positioning / vertical stages to move the sample or the objective. PI solutions include:

  • High Stability, Ceramic Linear Motor-Driven, Long Travel XY Stage System, with Controller and Joystick
  • XYZ Nanopositioning Stage, for Super-Resolution Microscopy, P-545 PInano with Digital Controller and Software
  • Piezo Z-Insert, for fast Nano-Focus of Samples, P-736 PInano Stage XY Stage with Digital Controller and Software

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