Steel Belt Conveyor

January 27, 2016

PRAB Inc. offers a heavy-duty, open-frame steel belt conveyor designed to minimize downtime and increase worker safety. The exclusive design allows operators or maintenance personnel to quickly and easily see if carry-over has fallen between the belt. The removable guard panels to allow for easy access to the area between the belt and the bottom cover, providing quick and easy removal of scrap. 

“A steel belt conveyor will inherently have carry-over. If the size of the scrap is small and carry-over minimal, having only a man-hole style access point is sufficient. However, in applications where the amount of carryover can be significant or the size and shape can cause unexpected downtime from lodged scrap, we offer this open-frame style conveyor,” states Bob Anspaugh, PRAB Conveyor Engineer. 

PRAB designs the open frame steel belt conveyor in the 6" and 9" pitch and for the floor or the shuttle/load-out type configurations. The heavy-duty, open-frame steel belt conveyor is designed for stamping, forging, shredding, aluminum processing, die-cast scrap handling and more.

Related Glossary Terms

  • pitch


    1. On a saw blade, the number of teeth per inch. 2. In threading, the number of threads per inch.


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