SmartFlex Helix Conveyors

November 13, 2017
SmartFlex Helix Conveyors

The tight turns and small footprint of the SmartFlex Helix Conveyors from Dorner provide facilities with greater flexibility in layout for applications such as accumulation, buffering, cooling product and more.

The SmartFlex Helix Conveyors’ infeed and outfeed can be positioned at any height or angle. Custom infeed and outfeed lengths allow the conveyor to extend beyond the spiral, reducing the number of conveyors required. Helix Conveyors can be set at incline angles of up to 7 degrees with a flat top chain and up to 10 degrees with a friction top chain. Both use Dorner’s patented chain design, employing sealed ball bearings to reduce friction. The patented side roller chain also reduces corner friction, allowing for faster speeds and smooth product handling.

In addition to the option of a flat top or friction top chain, Helix Conveyors offer a variety of options and accessories including two end transfer options: a roller transfer plate, or a powered transfer plate for smooth transfer of parts as small as 3” in diameter. Three different conveyor widths and four different guiding options are also available.

Helix Conveyors can accommodate loads up to 300 lbs. and speeds up to 171 ft/min. Other features include:

•             Conveyor widths: 85 mm, 180 mm and 260 mm

•             Spiral diameter: 55.12” at centerline

•             Maximum infeed height: 18”

•             Maximum outfeed height: 132”

•             Maximum number of tiers: 4

•             Maximum distance between tiers: 30”

•             Incline angles:

o             Up to 7° with flat top chain

o             Up to 10° with friction top chain

•             Guiding options:

o             1” high aluminum side

o             3” high aluminum side

o             Fully adjustable UHMW guide

o             Tool-less Fully Adjustable UHMW guide

•             Transfer options:

o             Roller transfer plate

o             Powered transfer plate

Related Glossary Terms

  • flat ( screw flat)

    flat ( screw flat)

    Flat surface machined into the shank of a cutting tool for enhanced holding of the tool.


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