Sheffield 4.5.4 SF CMM

May 12, 2012

Hexagon Metrology offers the Sheffield 4.5.4 SF, a new line of coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) built for the shop floor and designed to withstand harsh manufacturing environments. The SF series introduces a variety of evolutionary advancements based on the Discovery line with thousands of earlier units in the field worldwide. With a major focus on portability, the CMM delivers a small footprint of 52.2"x 32.8" x 79.5", which fits through a standard door. The CMM's computer, controller, and interface boxes are integrated into one self-contained unit with locking wheels for mobility throughout the shop floor. The Sheffield 4.5.4 SF also uses standard 110/220 volt outlets with no need for shop air.

The overall durability of the Sheffield 4.5.4 stems from hardened linear drives and recirculating bearings, features originally pioneered on the Discovery line. The CMM's unique design and standard elastomeric dampers isolate the measuring platform from most vibrations. Inverted high resolution Heidenhain scales, covered ways, and internal cable management protect machine components from ambient dust and debris while minimizing friction. An optional active vibration dampening system is available for extreme environments. The 4.5.4 SF also incorporates design improvements for measurement and inspection applications, such as advanced thermal isolation and temperature compensation elements to ensure accuracy in unstable shop floor environments.

The SF series comes standard with PC-DMIS, the leading industrial metrology software. With a few steps, the software graphically guides users through part setup and measurement and then produces concise, meaningful reports for immediate action. This makes the CMM an attractive alternative to functional gaging on the shop floor. PC-DMIS STI+ (single touch interface) is controlled via a touch screen, expediting inspection program selection and launch. The software makes it easy for shop floor personnel to check parts without becoming CMM experts. The SF series is poised to enter the market at a very attractive, entry level, price point with many options available.

"With features and performance required by large manufacturers, the 4.5.4 SF"s price point makes the technology very accessible to small job shops too," states Eric Bennett, Product Manager from Hexagon Metrology. "The Sheffield Discovery line was the original shop floor CMM and the 4.5.4 SF continues its tradition of shifting dimensional inspection from the quality lab to the shop floor. Inspection becomes simply another operation in the manufacturing process."

Related Glossary Terms

  • metrology


    Science of measurement; the principles on which precision machining, quality control and inspection are based. See precision machining, measurement.

  • shop air

    shop air

    Pressurized air system that cools the workpiece and tool when machining dry. Also refers to central pneumatic system.