Roto-Pulse Cartridge-Cleaning System

May 01, 2015

Micro Air Clean Air Systems recently introduced the new FORCE line of dust collectors, featuring the Roto-Pulse cartridge-cleaning system.

The Roto-Pulse system is an automatic, incrementally rotating filter cleaning system that uniformly cleans 100 percent of the cartridges' surfaces, 30 percent to 40 percent more filter surface than conventional reverse pulse (backflush) systems. Roto-Pulse cleaning is quieter, typically 15 dBA quieter than reverse pulse cleaning systems and requires less compressed air, thus extending the life of the filters and compressor.

Cartridge filters are cleaned by pulsing air into a specially designed stainless steel rotating tube with pre-drilled holes. As air enters the tube it incrementally rotates a number of degrees, distributing the pulse of air across the length of the inside surface of the cartridge, dislodging clogged dirt from the cartridge. Time between pulses and duration of each pulse are factory pre-set for optimal cleaning, but can also be adjusted for various applications or processes. This allows for long-term savings by further reducing compressor and replacement filter cost.