Rotary Encoders with Web-based Advanced Diagnostics

September 01, 2014

Planning maintenance activities on wind turbine generators, rather than dealing with emergencies, can result in significant reductions in operating expenses. To assist in that process, Leine and Linde offers rotary encoders equipped with a web-based Advanced Diagnostic System (ADS) providing real-time tracking of the generator condition.

Especially well suited for use in wind turbine generators, Leine and Linde's XHI 801 and XHI 803 rotary encoders provide position and velocity for the generator rotor. When equipped with ADS, these encoders are also able to continuously monitor vibration, temperature and encoder status information which can be used to assess the overall health of the generator and encoder together. This allows for scheduled generator maintenance at convenient times rather than as a result of inopportune breakdowns.

ADS Online provides a connection from the encoder's diagnostic system directly to a PC or to an Ethernet network. With the assistance of PC software, maintenance technicians can obtain detailed analyses directly from the encoder during service operations in the nacelle. When connected to a network, secure access to generator and encoder data is available directly within the control room. Using a password-protected dialog, system managers can, for example, set custom warnings to ensure vibration doesn't exceed damaging levels, program levels for frequency and shaft speeds to indicate overspeed or standstills. It also can ensure that the machine does not overheat, detect voltage drops in the power supply, or choose to receive an automatic warning when the encoder reaches a certain number of operating hours.