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September 01,2014

Methods Machine Tools Inc. has introduced an all-new Methods-YASDA 5-Axis automated vertical machining center, the PX30i, to meet challenging OEM and job shop requirements. The new Methods-YASDA PX30i features extensive design and engineering from Methods in a 5-Axis machining center manufactured by YASDA.

"After extensive collaboration between Methods and YASDA engineers, we are extremely proud to unveil the new Methods-YASDA 5-Axis PX30i," said Steve Previti, YASDA product manager. "Working together during the design and manufacture of this new machining center for our market, we focused on precision, reliability and versatility, all at a cost-effective price. The PX30i offers the precision and accuracy expected from YASDA, and will be supported by Methods' outstanding sales, service and support organization. The PX30i will be a production workhorse for customers with the most demanding accuracy, quality and production requirements."

"By Partnering with Methods to design the Methods-YASDA PX30i, we are able to offer customers a unique, high precision machining solution, supported by Methods' comprehensive infrastructure that provides outstanding applications and automation expertise," said Takuto Yasuda, president of YASDA Precision Tools K.K.

The PX30i features a newly designed, YASDA in-house built, direct-drive spindle with self-adjusting preload, which is designed based on Yasda's spindle technology to reportedly improve performance and increase spindle life. The new spindle features the torque, speed and horse power to facilitate the efficient machining of a wide range of materials from aluminum to high temperature alloys, including Inconel, titanium and steels with high HRC ratings.

At the core of the PX30i is a robust 2-Axis rotary table, offering flexibility and speed with a wide range of movement. Providing high efficiency and accuracy to operators with a range of performance requirements, the B and C axes feature a direct-drive motor with advanced thermal stability. Robust bridge and bed designs have been built upon YASDA designs that have long been the choice for the metal-removal capabilities and high rigidity required for precision machining. The machine table and work envelope are sized for ease-of-operation.

The PX30i offers a turnkey automated machining center solution designed to answer a wide range of manufacturing requirements for OEMs and job shops such as a high volume, low mix of parts or a low volume, high mix of parts with differing lot sizes, part geometries and materials. Offering manufacturers the ability to do lights-out or unattended manufacturing, the new Methods-YASDA PX30i features a full complement of 32 pallet positions storage and 1 in the work zone for a total of 33. The automatic tool hanger (ATC) and automatic pallet changer (APC) features a Methods-developed software program for efficient tool/pallet management and advanced scheduling functions. The ATC can be retrofitted for additional tool capacities of up to 500. To maximize valuable floor space, the PX30i offers a footprint of 25 ft. (length) by 11 ft. (width).

Related Glossary Terms

  • alloys


    Substances having metallic properties and being composed of two or more chemical elements of which at least one is a metal.

  • machining center

    machining center

    CNC machine tool capable of drilling, reaming, tapping, milling and boring. Normally comes with an automatic toolchanger. See automatic toolchanger.

  • precision machining ( precision measurement)

    precision machining ( precision measurement)

    Machining and measuring to exacting standards. Four basic considerations are: dimensions, or geometrical characteristics such as lengths, angles and diameters of which the sizes are numerically specified; limits, or the maximum and minimum sizes permissible for a specified dimension; tolerances, or the total permissible variations in size; and allowances, or the prescribed differences in dimensions between mating parts.

  • work envelope

    work envelope

    Cube, sphere, cylinder or other physical space within which the cutting tool is capable of reaching.