ProNest LT 2023 version 15.1 Nesting Software Subscriptions

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March 15, 2023
Nesting Software Subscriptions Designed for Waterjet Cutting Market

Hypertherm Associates, a U.S. based manufacturer of industrial cutting systems and software, today announced the release of ProNest® LT 2023 version 15.1 nesting software, which is now available on a low-cost subscription basis for the waterjet cutting market.

“With the price of raw materials rising, ProNest LT uses advanced, true shape nesting algorithms to help waterjet fabricators and manufacturers improve efficiency, get the most out of their material, and lower costs,” explained Tom Stillwell, Product Marketing Manager for the Hypertherm Associates Software Group. “Moreover, software that is based on a subscription model makes it easier to incorporate automation into existing workflows. It is easily scalable, enabling users to add features in accordance with their business requirements.”

ProNest LT subscriptions for waterjet will support virtually any make or model of a waterjet machine, allowing users to easily insert the nesting component into their existing workflow. There are two waterjet subscription tiers to choose from:

  • ProNest LT OMAX® is specifically designed for OMAX waterjet machines. Because both ProNest LT and OMAX are part of the Hypertherm Associates family of brands, this tier was created in close collaboration with OMAX engineers to ensure optimal outcomes. It supports conventional, straight cutting for OMAX machine models including OptiMAX®, OMAX, MAXIEM®, and GlobalMAX®.
  • ProNest LT Waterjet Plus is a more comprehensive subscription tier. It supports conventional and straight cutting for virtually any waterjet brand plus, plasma and oxyfuel cutting, all in one package.

Related Glossary Terms

  • waterjet cutting

    waterjet cutting

    Fine, high-pressure (up to 50,000 psi or greater), high-velocity jet of water directed by a small nozzle to cut material. Velocity of the stream can exceed twice the speed of sound. Nozzle opening ranges from between 0.004" to 0.016" (0.l0mm to 0.41mm), producing a very narrow kerf. See AWJ, abrasive waterjet.


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