Proform+ Press Brake

June 13, 2013

Cincinnati Inc. has upgraded its proven Proform press brake with introduction of the more accurate and productive Proform+ model. The new Proform+ adds dual pressure transducers on its hydraulic cylinders for increased tonnage accuracy, and digital encoders to deliver +/-0.0004" (0.01mm) ram repeatability for close-tolerance forming and higher part quality. The press brake's PC-based control is now bed-mounted to the machine with a swinging pendent arm mount, and has been upgraded to include a trackball and keyboard. An optional Wila crowning system compensates for bed and ram deflections during bending, and eliminates the costly trial-and-error approach used in traditional die shimming.

"The Proform has traditionally been one of our more popular press brake models because it provides tremendous value," said Todd Kirchoff, product manager for Cincinnati. "The Proform+ upgrades reflect our commitment to improving value even more by using new technology to enhance productivity, durability, accuracy and safety."

The Proform+ is also available with factory-installed LazerSafe guarding that provides users with another choice for safeguarding operators. Available Proform+ models include 90- to 350-ton capacity and overall bed lengths from eight to 16 ft.

The Proform+ includes numerous premium-engineering features that ensure reliable, long-lived operation. Clevis-mounted cylinders and centerline loading confine operating stress to the main housing, eliminating cylinder misalignment. The Machine's Variable Volume Load Sensing (VVLS) hydraulic system lowers maintenance costs and increases energy efficiency. Hydraulic cylinders use hardened piston rods with precision guiding to minimize oil leaks, and the machine's heavy plate frame is precision machined and rigidly interlocked, not welded, to better resist deflection for years of precision forming at maximum loading.

The new digital encoders mounted on both ends of the machine provide automatic leveling control by maintaining parallelism between the bed and ram. Automatic deflection compensation avoids ram reversal errors due to side housing deflection. Precision servo hydraulics on a rigid platform, along with the new high-resolution encoders, allow the Proform+ to hold +/-0.0004" ram repeatability along its entire length.

The Proform+'s powerful, PC-based control combines 3D graphics interface with simple touch-screen operation to speed setup and programming times, as well as optimize throughput. New part programs can be generated through manual data entry or by drawing the part in cross-section or flat pattern, and then selecting tooling and bend sequence. A special job setup page displays tool segment lengths and tool locations, as well as notes to improve part consistency. The 15.1-in. LCD touch-screen control uses a simple icon-driven Windows-based application compatible with other Cincinnati press brake models.

The Proform+ is available with a variety of toolholders, filler blocks and clamps to accommodate most major tooling types, including American or European-style tooling. The new press brake includes a standard bolt-on manual quick clamp or optional bolt-on hydraulic clamps to accommodate major manufacturers' die designs. Both clamps dramatically reduce setup time. An optional 5-axis backgage, with fast positioning speeds, flip backgage fingers with hardened dowel pins, 40-inch gage points and auto flange correction, handles a variety of complex parts. In addition to the new Wila crowning system, the Proform+ is also available with Cincinnati's Auto Crown, an automatic, hydraulically-powered crowning device that can produce angles within +/-½ degree variation along the bend line.

All Proform+ models have a quick-access emergency-stop button in the center of the operator station, with an additional palm button and footswitch available for two-operator jobs.

Related Glossary Terms

  • flat ( screw flat)

    flat ( screw flat)

    Flat surface machined into the shank of a cutting tool for enhanced holding of the tool.