Print Version of "International System of Units (SI)"

May 01, 2014

Available in soft cover, "International System of Units (SI): How the World Measures Almost Everything and the People Who Made it Possible" by Dr. Edmund Isakov, is a one-of-a-kind 311-page book from Industrial Press Inc. that provides detailed information on the metric system, its origin, history, and how the base and derived units were established.

The book has four chapters (Measurement Systems, the International System of Units, Metrication in the United States, and United States Metric Association), appendices, an afterword, and references. The book is principally aimed at educating students in the United States, but it will also be of interest to anyone who enjoys the popular sciences.

Features include:

• History of the English, Metric, and International Systems of units

• Interesting facts regarding all 29 units of the International System

• Biographies of 19 scientists and inventors after whom the metric units are named

• History and timeline of definition of seven base units of the International System

• History and timeline of definition of 22 derived units of the International System


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