Pressure Sensing Digital Flowmeters

June 05, 2020
Pressure Sensing Digital Flowmeters Monitor Pressure and Flow 

EXAIR's new Pressure Sensing Digital Flowmeters provide a way for plant personnel to monitor pressure throughout a compressed air system along with flow. A pressure sensor is mounted between the two flow sensing probes and the display can be configured to show air pressure or air flow. A transistor output can also be configured to provide a low-pressure alarm to protect your processes and/or equipment. Pressure values are capable to display PsiG or BarG. Measuring compressed air is the first step toward identifying high compressed air use areas, compressed air leaks and optimizing air use.

Each meter ships with the necessary hardware and tools for installation including drill bit, drill guide, and hex wrenches. The Pressure Sensing feature is available on 2 inch and 50 millimeter or larger flowmeters. They are available in standard units which display airflow values on a bright LED screen, with optional data logger to capture and manipulate the data. The pressure signal is also available through optional wired and wireless serial outputs. Airflow values are expressed in Standard Cubic Feet per Minute or Cubic Meters per Hour.

Pressure Sensing Flowmeters for schedule 40 iron pipe and Type L Copper and nominal millimeter sizes are now available. They are CE and RoHS compliant and join EXAIR’s full line of Digital Flowmeters for air lines from 1/2" through 8" including Hot Tap, Wireless and Data Logging flowmeters.

Related Glossary Terms

  • tap


    Cylindrical tool that cuts internal threads and has flutes to remove chips and carry tapping fluid to the point of cut. Normally used on a drill press or tapping machine but also may be operated manually. See tapping.