PM2 Pinion Series

March 02, 2023
PM2 Pinion Series Features Additional Gearbox/Pinion Combinations for Rack-and-Pinion Drives

The new PM2 pinion series from Neugart now offers even more choices and even greater flexibility when selecting gearbox/pinion combinations for rack-and-pinion drives.

This new product development extends the Neugart portfolio of planetary gearboxes with a factory pre-installed pinion from our own production facility. Like the existing PM1 pinion, the new PM2 is designed for gearboxes with a flanged output shaft and is equipped with a mechanical interface standardized to ISO 9409-1. However, the two series differ in terms of range size. Unlike the PM1 with a number of teeth starting at 26 for module 2, the range of the PM2 already starts with 16 teeth for module 2.

On the one hand, the new variants provide additional options for selecting the optimum gearbox/pinion combination for demanding rack-and-pinion applications. On the other hand, thanks to their smaller diameter, depending on the combination, the new pinions allow a feed rate more than three times higher than was previously possible. 

Numerous new pinion variants

The PM2 pinion option is available for gearboxes sizes 090 to 200 and, like the PM1 pinions, is available for a total of four gearbox series with a flanged output shaft: Among them is the PFHE coaxial planetary gearbox from the Economy Line, which comprises durable and powerful standard gearboxes with an excellent price/performance ratio. In the case of the Precision Line, which provides the high accuracy of precision gearboxes, these are the PSFN and PLFN coaxial planetary gearboxes and the space-saving WPSFN right-angle gearbox. All PM2 pinions are manufactured at the Neugart parent plant in Kippenheim, Baden.

In total, the extended pinion range for gearboxes with a flanged output shaft includes numerous PM2 variants with 16 to 22 teeth for module 2, 14 to 19 teeth for module 3, 20 to 22 teeth for module 4, and 19 teeth for module 5. 

Integrated into proven software tools

The proven Neugart software tools, into which the new variants are integrated, help when selecting the optimum gearbox/pinion combination: A simple overview of the performance data is provided by the Tec Data Finder (TDF) online configurator. This makes it quick and easy to compare gearboxes and retrieve dimension sheets and 3-D models with just a few clicks. The Neugart Calculation Program (NCP) calculation software allows you to size and check the application-related characteristic values.

Related Glossary Terms

  • 3-D


    Way of displaying real-world objects in a natural way by showing depth, height and width. This system uses the X, Y and Z axes.

  • feed


    Rate of change of position of the tool as a whole, relative to the workpiece while cutting.


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