PITreader Card Unit

January 24, 2023
PIT Reader Card Unit Allows Access Permissions Assigned on RFID Cards, Stickers

With its access permission system PITreader card unit Pilz has introducing new formats for efficient control of access permissions. The RFID-capable PITreader card and PITreader sticker can be used in conjunction with or instead of the existing PITreader key. Machine operators can have their individual permissions on the transponder and use them to authenticate themselves on the PITreader card unit, to gain entry to a plant or machine. Companies can increase industrial security, because they control who has what permission and therefore is granted access to the process. At the same time, they also meet the requirements for functionally safe operating mode selection.

The RFID transponders are available as freely writeable and preconfigured versions. A transparent window on the PITreader card enables users to still read the LED status indicator when the card is held up to it. If the company already uses RFID-capable cards, these can also be used in conjunction with PITreader card unit. In this case, users need only one card for multiple functions… a way to save time during authentication in the plant or on the machine, and a flexible and easily manageable solution. With the PITreader S card unit, Pilz is also introducing a version for integrating the OPC UA standard, enabling optimum safety and connectivity.

Administrators manage their user settings, block lists and user data for the transponder keys, cards or stickers via the graphical interface on the corresponding software solution PIT Transponder Manager (PTM) from Pilz. With preconfigured templates, individual user permissions are written to the RFID transponder simply in just a few steps. The import function enables information to be read quickly and directly into the integrated database, saving the administrator time. If a company uses several readers and PITreader, these are organized using the User Authentication Service (UAS) software tool.

PITreader card units can be used efficiently in combination with the configurable small controller PNOZ or the automation system PSS4000 from Pilz for control of access permissions and safe operating mode selection. Thus, the complete solution contributes towards greater safety and security in the widest range of processes.