Piezo Driver

July 29, 2021
2/3/4/6-Channel Piezo Drivers for Piezo Scanners, Piezo Tubes, and Actuators

PI’s piezo design and manufacturing division, PI Ceramic, provides a wealth of standard, custom, and value added piezoelectric transducers. In addition to manufacturing the piezoelectric ceramic formulations and transducers, PI also provides a large number of OEM piezo drivers and controllers for uses in nanopositioning to nano-dosing / pumping and health care applications. With the addition of a new multi-channel, low noise piezo driver, PI is expanding its offering of high precision piezo amplifiers for applications that require electronics to drive multi-axis piezo positioning stages or need a multiple channel high voltage source in a compact, economical design. PI’s new E-413.x amplifier has bipolar operation with peak currents up to 100mA per channel at -250 to +250V. For OEM applications, compact modules are also available.

What are the Applications of Piezo Drivers and Amplifiers?

Piezoelectric transducers, such as actuators and tubes allow response times in the microsecond range. This behavior is beneficial for operating fast switches, valves, micromachining, micropump and micro-dispensing equipment, as well as for active optics and vibration cancellation applications.