PH922 Parts Washer

August 01, 2015

Graymills has updated its heated thermoplastic Handi Kleen units to address customer needs and wants. The new Graymills PH922 integrates the sink and holding tank for improved cleaning and unit stability. Easy to use and maintain, the PH922 is designed for quick on-site cleaning of machinery tools and parts.

Reportedly unique to manual parts washers, the PH922 has the ability to convert from wash basin to soak tank and back as needed while providing continuous clean fluid. Plug the drain in the basin and let the pump run. The result is continuous fluid movement, filtration and heat, with the added benefit of mild fluid agitation. Side outlets in the sink let the fluid circulate back into the base without risk of overflow and the wide base design maintains a stable working environment.

This PH922 retains many of the features that made previous models successful: a large 30-gallon tank and a roomy 36"L x 22"W work sink with a 9" soaking depth. Accessories available include a work light and wheeled cart for mobility.

Related Glossary Terms

  • soaking


    Prolonged holding of a metal at a selected temperature to homogenize its structure or composition.