P-630 Nanopositioning Stages

August 04, 2016

PI (Physik Instrumente) LP delivers new solutions for very small position changes, coupled with speed and high force in its P-630 nanopositioning stages. With design flexibility to meet custom assembly requirements and proven demonstrated reliability of many billions of cycles, PI piezo actuators are being utilized in research and industry microstructuring and scanning applications, precision positioning of optical elements, and micromachining.

The new P-630 X-axis nanopositioning stage, with a large clear 30mm-dia. aperture, 0.1nm resolution, and a small footprint and low-profile, will ensure high accuracy and long life with travel ranges to 80µm. Equipped with an internal capacitive sensor that allows for precise, extremely stable motion, the stiff flexure design, with a natural frequency of >3 kHz, enables exceptional responsiveness and accuracy. Vacuum version is available.


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