OCTOPUZ 2.3 Offline Robot Programming Software

October 31,2019

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OCTOPUZ 2.3 Offline Robot Programming Software

OCTOPUZ 2.3 Offline Robot Programming (OLRP) software continues to redefine the standards in OLRP by simplifying solving toolpath trajectories. The software now enables users to automatically create and optimize circular toolpaths. The new Circularize Path tool gives users the ability to create circular movements within a path statement, which can greatly reduce the total number of program points required for a robot to perform its desired motion.

Advanced path programming tools give users more power and control to command paths and individual points. The new Surfacing tool automatically creates toolpaths that follow an entire surface with only a few buttons clicks, while PathFinder can now automatically solve for multiturn errors, reducing the time and effort required to touch-up issue points manually.

Several enhancements to the PathImporter tool, which include support for DXF files, also provide an improved user experience when importing CAM paths into the software.