MF/MF-U Microscope Packages

May 26, 2021
MF Microscope Packages Include M2 Geometric Software

Mitutoyo America Corporation is pleased to announce the release of our new MF microscope packages that include the M2 geometric software and touch-screen tablet as well as a retrofit package for D generation MF and MF-U microscopes in the field.
The M2 software is easy to use and allows for graphic-based part view feature construction and generating popular construction types like distances and tangent lines. The software also allows a user to apply geometric tolerances, view deviation results and then export the data and create reports.
Other features with the new MF/MF-U Measuring Microscopes with Metlogix M2 Software and an easy-to-use touch- screen tablet include:

  • Highest measuring accuracy in its class
  • Stage travel range up to 400mm x 200mm / 16in x 8in
  • Quick release mechanism and zero-set buttons on stage controls increase operability when working larger workpieces
  • Easy to use all-in-one PC Touch Screen Display
  • M2 Geometric 2D Measurement Software
  • Camera port is standard on all models
  • Wide range of objectives available from 1x to 100x
  • M2 Retrofit package available for D generation MF and MF-U microscopes