M2 2D Processor

July 02, 2018
M2 2D Processor

Mitutoyo America Corp. announces the release of the new M2 2D processor. The M2 2D processor will be available as part of a new package with the PH-A14 comparator.

M2 2D processor features:

  • Easy-to-use high-tech touch screen M2 geometric measurement display
  • Graphics-based “part view” constructions: generate distances and tangent lines from within the graphical part view
  • Geometric tolerancing: measure features, set nominals, apply tolerances and view deviation results with only a few quick clicks
  • Report flexibility: Customize report data and format, including header, footer and graphics
  • M2 geometric 2D measurement software

PH-A14 profile projector features:

  • 14” screen horizontal projector
  • Horizontal projector is equipped with accurate linear glass scales
  • Profile and fiber optic surface illumination
  • 8” x 4“ travel T-slot table for accessories

M2 2D processing packages for existing PH-A14 profile projectors are available.