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October 01, 2020
Line of Die Protection Sensors  for Stamping, Metal Forming Applications

Wintriss Controls Group, a leading manufacturer of automation, safety and die protection products for over 60 years for the metal stamping and forming industry, has introduced a line of new generation sensors for protecting stamping and forming press dies. The new line includes broader-range proximity sensors, short and long range diffuse reflective sensors, a distance-settable optical triangulation sensor and an ultra-long infrared through-beam sensor. 

  • New proximity sensors have four times the range of similarly-sized inductive proximity sensors, in addition to proximity sensors that detect only non-ferrous metals, which is ideal for detecting aluminum or copper parts from the tooling. 
  • New long range diffuse reflective sensors utilize infrared instead of visible light, to minimize false actuations caused by oil mist in the sensing field. 
  • New Special Distance-Settable Optical Triangulation Sensor is ideal in challenging applications where a part must be detected against objects such as a chute. 
  • New ultra-long range Infrared through-beam sensor developed by Wintriss excels in lubrication intensive environments, enabling reliable, repeatable operation. 
  • The new sensors complement Wintriss’ full line of general purpose electronic and electromechanical sensors, are IP-67 rated to withstand harsh in-die environments, and are all competitively priced to industry known sources.

The new sensors are also available for purchase in the all-new Wintriss Online Store at where die protection controls, connection hardware and sensors are offered, in addition to valuable resource material, success stories and other useful information.