LiftUp 26one Magazine Bit Holder

May 16, 2016

When choosing the best hand tool for everyday work, craftsmen look for tools which are as light as possible and which take up as little space as possible in their toolboxes, cases and belts, while still featuring excellent functionality and ergonomic and time-saving properties. When developing new products, Wiha focusses closely on user requirements and is now launching its latest innovation, the LiftUp 26one magazine bit holder, an assistant for every day. With 13 double bits, it offers 26 of the most common drive profiles in one single tool. It saves space and weight, as well as time, since it is possible to select, remove and return bits at the mere touch of a button.

Its design is based on its predecessors from the Wiha LiftUp family from 2014, with a magazine inside the handle that opens at the press of a button. As the name suggests, the 26one offers the user 13 unique double bits, encompassing 26 of the most common drive profiles in a compartment design that guarantees easy access. Users, therefore, have a wide range of bits in a single hand tool, which conserves space in the toolbox as it also lightens up the belt because it only weighs approximately 200 g. At the same time, the Wiha SoftFinish multiple-component handle with roll-off protection ensures healthy, comfortable use. In addition to elements to boost efficiency and satisfy user requirements, these design features to benefit ergonomics were at the forefront during development.