Leveling Feet

December 13, 2022
Levelling Feet for Flexible Machine and Furniture Installation

UK standard parts manufacturer WDS Components has extended its range of levelling feet, providing OEMs and end users with a wider range of styles and sizes. New designs include double bolt down stainless steel levelling feet for extra security, as well as an internal hexagon stem model that enables direct fastening of additional components. Across the wide range of levelling feet, WDS has also increased the variety of sizes, providing additional flexibility for OEMs and end users.

Levelling feet enable level mounting on angled or uneven surfaces and are well suited for machine and furniture installation. The design typically features a robust foot with a swivel ball that enables angular positioning to suit the installation surface.

The new swivel feet with a steel double bolt down base includes two screw holes enabling secure surface attachment. The threaded female design accepts inserts from M6 up to M16 while the foot diameter varies from 40mm to 100mm. The swivel joint allows 50° forward and backwards tilt across a 360° horizontal plane, providing flexible installation whatever the floor angle. This design is manufactured in durable steel with a nickel plating to resist corrosion and provide a bright finish.

Levelling feet with an internal hexagon are also new to the range. These feet feature a swivel end levelling foot with a ball point end and a snap on swivel thrust pad. They also include a stem, ranging from 29mm to 71mm, that features an internal hexagon. This allows other components to be directly fastened onto the stem with an Allen key. The design makes them ideal for cabinet installation, and the snap on swivel thrust pad enables the stem to be passed through holes for fast and simple installation. The stem is steel zinc plated while the foot base is made of nylon.

WDS Components’ existing range of levelling feet also includes extended base designs with an elliptical style that further increases stability and provides a range of larger sizes up to M20. Anti-vibration machine feet are also offered in levelling feet designs, with rubber dampeners that increase stability and reduce noise.

Styles of levelling feet include round, domed, and conical designs. They are also available in a variety of materials, including steel zinc plated, stainless steel, and various plastics. Stainless steel is a preferred choice for heavy duty machine applications in industrial settings, as well as outdoor applications including use on activity equipment.

Stainless steel levelling feet also lend themselves to food & beverage and pharmaceutical settings including CIP and regular washdown, and these designs can be paired with anti-microbial pads. Additional accessories also include non-slip pads that increase positioning security without requiring a fastener, and they also prevent floor marking. Adjustable plastic foot kits also provide further flexibility for uneven floor heights with several points of contact, such as shower bases and raised platforms where a level surface is required.


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