LC 200 Linear Scale

July 12, 2012

HEIDENHAIN's new LC 200 linear scale sets new standards in linear measurement on long machine-tool axes. With this scale, the advantages of absolute position acquisition are now available for measuring lengths of up to 28 meters (almost 92 feet), and provide that reference routines, which can be particularly cumbersome on long axes, become unnecessary since the absolute position value is available immediately upon switch on.

The new LC 200 features a METALLUR steel scale tape as the measuring standard. Even with large measuring lengths, the position value is formed from only two graduation tracks. The absolute track with its serial code structure provides unique values over its entire length. The additional incremental track is interpolated for the position value. The information from the two tracks is processed to attain a high-resolution, absolute position value.

The LC 200 boasts high output signal quality scanning due to its highly integrated opto-ASIC which makes it possible to design more compact single-field scanning technology. Apart from increasing the tolerance to contamination, this allows a smaller scanning unit with increased rigidity in measuring direction. The LC 200 is therefore attractive for use with linear motors. A further advantage is the expanded power supply of 3.6 V to 14 V.

Like HEIDENHAIN's successful LB 382 long length incremental linear scale, the new LC 200 is assembled on the machine from individual components. The housing sections now feature an improved mounting and sealing technology. An integrated seal on the face and a tongue and groove system make it possible to lightly slide the housing sections together. Large mounting tolerances facilitate assembly of the entire system.

It is also important to note that the LC 200 is currently in development as a single-encoder system for safety-related applications up to SIL-2 (EN 61 508) and PL d (ISO 13 849).

System accuracy for the LC 200 is +/-5µm, with the current EnDat interface.

Related Glossary Terms

  • tolerance


    Minimum and maximum amount a workpiece dimension is allowed to vary from a set standard and still be acceptable.