Kwikmark Tag Master 3

October 01, 2011

The Kwikmark magazine tag transfer feeder from Kwik Mark Inc. was developed to eliminate the problematic tag feeding issues of escaping tags from the bottom of a magazine. Available with Print Queue Driver; allowing multiple users to download job menus, variables, and quantities.

Advantages of the Tag Master:

Vertical magazine "lifts" tags to top.

No escapements or "coin change" mechanism to jam.

Accommodates tags with coarse cut/bent edges, thickness variations.

Not affected by weight of stack(or near empty/full magazine). Transfer system requires no track "width" guides or adjustments. Great for thin tags; No "push" type escapement required.

No scratching of pre-printed tags from sharp/rough edges.

Solid steel support block at marking station.

Much faster changeover if using tags of different size and thickness.

No changeover tooling required.

Clear, open line of sight of all work and transfer areas.

Easy to expand into other processes such as sorting, re-stacking, etc.


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