Inside-Outlet (GFDP1) Power Port

January 11, 2018
Inside-Outlet (GFDP1) Power Port

Mencom’s inside-outlet (GFDP1) power port features three GFCI-protected receptacles; two outside and one inside the panel to provide a simple solution to comply with NFPA 79, The Control Panel Utility Receptacle Standard. In order to comply with the standard,

  1. ll utility receptacles must be GFCI Protected.
  2. ll External Utility Receptacles must be covered.
  3. ll covers must maintain enclosure rating.
  4. OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) requires GFCI outlets every month to check if the NFPA 79

Because the non-GFCI outlets inside a panel can be wired through the GFDP1 that is externally installed on the panel door, it provides the ability to conveniently test the outlets without opening the cabinet door while satisfying the NFPA 79 standards. The inspector can simply walk to the panel door, fips the protective cover, and push the test button. This easy step not only helps prevent potential safety hazards (such as Arc Flash) associated with opening an electrical panel but also eliminates the need for costly personal protective equipment (PPE) and a licensed electrician to access the inside of the cabinet.

 Feature highlights:

- 3 GFCI-protected receptacles (2 Outside and 1 Inside)

- 120V GFCI Receptacle to 120V Simplex Receptacle

- Easy and Safe TEST/RESET outside the panel

- Outgoing Terminals for GFCI Protected Power

- Finger-safe cover for internal connections to power ports

- UL Type 4, 4X, 12

- IP65 with Mencom metal/low profile housings


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