ImageIR 8300 hs

September 18, 2020
Infrared Cameras with Cooled Focal-Plane Array Photon Detectors

InfraTec's camera series ImageIR® stands for infrared cameras with cooled focal-plane array photon detectors, which meet the highest demands on geometric, thermal and temporal resolution and at the same time offer excellent measurement accuracy.

The ImageIR® 8300 hs extends this series with a new generation of high-speed infrared cameras. Combining the image format of (640 × 512) IR pixels with the exceptionally high frame rate of 1,004 Hz sets new standards. It allows thermographic images of excellent quality, even of extremely fast moving objects or highly dynamic thermal processes. Thus, exactly the moment that matters is captured with absolute precision, displayed with high resolution and precisely measured thermally.

Due to the latest detector technology, this camera – sensitive in the mid-infrared – allows high-speed thermography in full frame format and achieves an impressively high thermal resolution of 20 mK. The radiometric image data are transferred with loss-free intelligent real-time compression - without having to use internal memory – directly via an industrial 10 GigE interface to a standard notebook for storage, control and analysis. The digital high-speed data acquisition is carried out with InfraTec's IRBIS® 3 thermography software family offering the user extensive possibilities for data analysis and documentation. The camera's wide temperature measurement range allows fast processes with large temperature gradients, such as those occurring in explosions, electrical discharges or laser machining processes, to be easily recorded. The new ImageIR® 8300 hs can be equipped with a fast rotating filter wheel to adapt the camera sensitivity to the spectral properties of the target. Equipped with up to six spectral filters, the filter wheel allows sequential measurements of high image frequency in different spectral ranges.

Use of the latest detector technology
The newly developed high-end thermography system from InfraTec is based on an innovative detector: T2SLS with HOT long-life technology. A complex semiconductor quantum structure forms the basis for this system, whose electro-optical properties are optimised exactly to the desired requirements. It offers an excellent signal-to-noise ratio starting at relatively high operating temperatures of about 130 K resulting in lower wear and tear on the cooling system. Thus, this thermographic camera requires significantly lower cooling capacity than conventional models, which typically operate at 77 K. This results in less stress on the integrated Stirling cooler, which in turn increases the lifetime of the camera compared to other cooled cameras. Another special feature of the ImageIR® 8300 hs is the relatively large area of the individual detector elements, which are arranged in a grid (pixel pitch) of 25 µm. The sensitivity of the detector is therefore particularly high, which means that short integration times and high frame rates can also be used for measurement objects with low temperatures.

Flexible usage of the camera due to modular design
As for all models of the ImageIR® series, the ImageIR® 8300 hs offers a wide range of high quality interchangeable full optics optimised for the respective focal length and spectral application. All standard full optics can be combined with an optional motorised focus unit, which can be precisely remote controlled using the camera software and allows fast motorised focusing. Thus, the ImageIR® 8300 hs fits seamlessly into the modular camera series ImageIR®. It is equipped with a lens, detector and interface module. It can be individually configured to customer requirements and tailored to the most demanding applications in science and industry. Users also benefit from additional software and hardware functions that can be added at any time and are thus prepared for changing requirements in the future. Superior and simultaneously robust design, selected materials and a manufacturing process that meets the highest quality standards ensure the best reliability, long service life and thus an excellent protection of your investment.

Related Glossary Terms

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    laser machining

    Intensified, pulsed beams of light generated by lasers—typically carbon dioxide or neodium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet (Nd:YAG)—that drill, weld, engrave, mark, slit and caseharden. Usually under CNC, often at both high cutting rates (100 linear in./sec.) and high power (5kW or more). Lasers also are used in conjunction with in-process quality-control monitoring systems allowing measuring accuracies of 0.00001".

  • modular design ( modular construction)

    modular design ( modular construction)

    Manufacturing of a product in subassemblies that permits fast and simple replacement of defective assemblies and tailoring of the product for different purposes. See interchangeable parts.


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