Hyper-Change Quick-Change System

August 01, 2014

Fischer Special Tooling introduces the Hyper-Change, a quick-change system that makes tooling changes fast and repeatable for consistent positioning of form cutting tools. It's patent pending design enhances adjustment for taper, height, diameter and lateral positions while also providing high repeatability (less than 5µm/.0002") from tool change to tool change.

The Hyper-Change features a specially designed front coupling mechanism, which allows for easy access and fast replacement; all while supporting rigidity of tooling and improving part finish by reducing chatter and tearing. The Hyper-Change is well-suited for combining smaller lot sizes and families of production parts.

Related Glossary Terms

  • chatter


    Condition of vibration involving the machine, workpiece and cutting tool. Once this condition arises, it is often self-sustaining until the problem is corrected. Chatter can be identified when lines or grooves appear at regular intervals in the workpiece. These lines or grooves are caused by the teeth of the cutter as they vibrate in and out of the workpiece and their spacing depends on the frequency of vibration.