HR-600 Hardness Tester

January 14, 2020
HR-600 Hardness Tester

Mitutoyo America Corp. announces the release of the HR-600 hardness tester into its line of precision measuring instruments. The HR-600 series combines functionality for Rockwell hardness testing and for Light Force Brinell testing in a single machine, expanding the range of available measurements. 

Key features:

  • HR-600 is the first Mitutoyo hardness tester to be equipped with a moving head. The head moves at a speed of 10 mm/sec. within a 210 mm range.
  • Table for mounting workpieces and head with vertical mobility.
  • Tables are bigger and have more depth, allowing large workpieces to be mounted and measured as-is. Maximum load limit: 100 kg; Depth (from indenter center): 220 mm.
  • HR-600 Series can test a wide variety of workpieces, ranging from metal (crankshafts, cylinder blocks) to softer workpieces (brake pads, plastic parts), and supports both Rockwell and Light Force Brinell hardness testing on a single machine.
  • Touch-enabled screens enable users to directly view results. Users can choose from five different displays [standard operating, simple, multi-point test, list display (mean value) and list display (five-point display) based on various views]. Users can directly select the hardness scale of their choice, and statistical analysis features can analyze multiple test results, streamlining the workflow and reducing measurement and analysis time.
  • AVPAK software enables smooth and efficient measurements. AVPAK, using part programs, enables automated multi-point testing in the X-, Y- and Z-axis directions.
  • The HR-600 supports special testing and offers supplemental add-ons, including PCs for remote operation software and V-anvils for round workpieces.
  • The HR-620 Type B tester with AVPAK can be combined with the Mitutoyo Form Eio software and a PLC to create a system that coordinates with robots, users can automate the testing procedure, from mounting workpieces to sorting them according to test results.

Related Glossary Terms

  • hardness


    Hardness is a measure of the resistance of a material to surface indentation or abrasion. There is no absolute scale for hardness. In order to express hardness quantitatively, each type of test has its own scale, which defines hardness. Indentation hardness obtained through static methods is measured by Brinell, Rockwell, Vickers and Knoop tests. Hardness without indentation is measured by a dynamic method, known as the Scleroscope test.