GARANT GridLine Workshop Cabinets

February 25, 2019
GARANT GridLine Workshop Cabinets

Hoffmann Group USA announced the availability of its new GARANT GridLine Workshop cabinets. GARANT’s GridLine series focuses on three key areas of usability; ergonomics, efficiency and design. The cabinets were developed using a planned, common grid technique, which creates a multitude of possibilities for combining and extending the system. Aesthetics and functionality are guaranteed, even if changes are made to the workshop equipment in the future.

“The new GARANT GridLine workshop cabinets are completely focused on functionality, design and ergonomics,” said Charlie Slagle, president and CEO of Hoffmann Group USA. “The result is elegant and durable workstations and storage solutions that fit into any working environment, making day-to-day work easier.”

The modular nature of GARANT’s new GridLine series allows for individualized combinations of perfectly matched components. Cupboards have uniform external dimensions and dividing materials fit into any drawer. The products are user-friendly, easy to handle and visually appealing. And a functional and well-designed workplace promotes employee motivation.

To ensure that the new workstations and storage equipment easily fit into an already existing color scheme, Hoffmann Group USA has changed the standard color from steel blue to anthracite. The subtle dark grey of the new workstations and storage equipment allows harmonious combination with already existing colors. In addition, there are 10 other well-known colors available, at no charge.

In addition, the new GARANT GridLine series swing and sliding door cabinets are available with both sheet steel and viewing window doors. The swing doors offer self-closing hinges and the sliding doors are self-locking, making them very high quality. LED internal lighting is an option as well; and can be used to either illuminate the entire cabinet interior or selected compartments. Customers will be able to quickly find the objects they want – even in darker surroundings.

The GARANT GridLine series also offers a state-of-the art cable management system and a removable raised floor. In addition, inclined shelves with rigid foam inserts make it possible to organize the cabinet interior in a clear and structured manner while adjustable feet allow for the convenient and quick positioning of the cabinets.

To bring the design full circle, the GARANT GridLine range offers tool cabinets that are real space-saving wonders, thanks to a new drawer concept with full extension. The drawers are extremely robust, with a load capability of 165 to 440 lbs, that can hold heavy tools without a problem. Optionally, all drawers can be fitted with ComfortClose self-closing and damping. This option provides additional protection for delicate tools and components. The new concept consists of boxes, recesses/troughs and eForm rigid foam inserts, bringing more order to messy drawers. There is also the option of wheels and two-component push handles, for customers that want to be mobile in the workshop.

All workshop cabinets are produced as torsion-resistant sheet metal designs with smooth surfaces, rounded corners and no sharp edges, ensuring safety and cleanliness. The cabinets are available in ten standard colors and in selected special colors.


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