EVO-P Pump-Per-Point Synchronous Lift System

November 19, 2021
Synchronous Lift System Maintains High Accuracy With Increased Cylinder Speed

Multi-point lifting and positioning of large structures just got faster and more precise. The new Enerpac EVO-P Pump-Per-Point Synchronous Lift System provides industry leading speed and accuracy for heavy lifts. 

As a Pump-Per-Point system, the EVO-P features individual hydraulic pumps for each lifting point. This reduces distance from pump to cylinder, minimizing hose lengths and risk of leaks. The hydraulic pumps are two-stage, which are ideal for fast retraction and repetitive operations.

The combination of a higher flow rate per cylinder and high accuracy means lifts get completed sooner without sacrificing quality. The EVO-P features an improved speed option for large cylinders with longer strokes, and thanks to its high oil capacity in each cylinder, it eliminates the need for custom reservoir designs.

The variable-frequency drive (VFD) motor controls lifting accuracy and minimizes starts and stops. This results in faster as well as smoother lifts—ideal for sensitive structures. The VFD speed control allows flexibility when using multiple cylinder capacities on the same lift.

The pumps can be used as standalone high flow hydraulic power units with simple pendant operation.

EVO-P Synchronous Lift System Features:

  • Fast, safe and reliable for cost-effective heavy lifts
  • Pump-Per-Point system with dedicated two-stage, full flow pumps
  • Lift accuracy up to 1mm
  • Designed especially for high tonnage cylinders
  • Advanced control for smooth, stable lifts
  • Up to 4x faster cylinder retraction
  • Up to 75% lift time savings
  • Flexible operation with multiple cylinder sizes on same lift
  • Comprehensive range of pump options from 5 – 20HP
  • Innovative Enerpac design, combined with high quality materials and manufacture for durability.