Enerpac E330 Industrial Tools Catalog

October 16, 2021
Industrial Tools Catalog Available in 15 Languages

Lifting, pushing, pulling, bending, spreading, cutting, lowering, pressing, and punching: The new Enerpac E330 Industrial Tools catalog is now available.

At 420 pages, it is 1.5 times larger than previous editions and designed to better serve customers and provide professionals with all the hydraulic tools they need to work safely and productively.

The catalog features the full Enerpac portfolio including the latest new products as well as other lines like Mirage machining, Equalizer flange tools, Sweeney aerospace tools and more. Each product series contains all the specifications, diagrams, selection charts and accessories needed to choose the right tool model and/or hydraulic system for the application. Customers and professionals can browse the catalog by product category or go directly to a preferred model number using the index. And as in all the previous catalogs, the yellow pages section contains helpful information on the basics of hydraulics and safety instructions, along with tips for tool operation. 

A legacy for the Enerpac brand, the original catalog evolved from an “Idea Book” introduced in 1951. It illustrated hundreds of applications for what was then a budding division of new hydraulic tools for the company. The book was filled with photos of actual product applications in factories, shipyards, power plants, paper mills, forge shops, and construction projects around the country. It quickly became—and remains—the industry standard.

“Although its history reaches far into the past, the catalog remains as relevant as ever,” said Barb Bolens, Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer at Enerpac. “Despite an increasingly digital world, our customers value having a full, physical catalog to hold in their hands and reference.”

The catalog is published in 15 languages. Today, it is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese with the remaining languages available soon.