Energy Management System

July 25, 2022
Energy Management System software

Energy management software will be one of IMCO Software’s feature products at IMTS Trade Show in September.  

Energy consumption and costs are receiving attention in the economy and with new manufacturing software by IMCO Software. 

As manufacturers are experiencing supply chain disruptions and a rise in energy costs associated with operational expenses, IMCO Software is stepping forward with a sophisticated application designed to measure and manage energy use.

EnergyMax, IMCO Software’s energy management system, allows manufacturers to monitor their current energy sources like electricity and water while simultaneously providing information on how to avoid peak usage time and charges. The software also tracks and reports on the manufacturers' CO2 footprint that can be used to apply for rebates and incentives offered by the government and other agencies.  

By reducing the costs associated with manufacturing their products, manufacturers are able to identify the exact cost associated with creating each item, potentially impacting wholesale and retail pricing. 

IMCO Software President, Ruben Mirensky stated “This product is for manufacturers whose energy costs represent a significant item in their budget. By analyzing energy and water consumption manufacturers can experience up to a 12% decrease in overall energy costs, and a 16% decrease in peak energy expenses.” 

IMCO Software is excited to bring this technology to the manufacturing community, and help manufacturers throughout the US maximize their energy efficiency. IMCO Software will be attending IMTS [Booth 121564] in Chicago, IL from September 12 - 17, 2022.