EMC Rectangular Enclosures

November 02, 2021
EMC Enclosures Protect Data/Signals from Electromagnetic Interferences

Today's advanced automation systems are required to continuously process large amounts of sensitive data/signals to operate machines while reducing errors. However, the data/signal on the manufacturing floor has been exposed to various problems associated with electromagnetic noise made from surrounding electrical or electric machines. When electromagnetic noise is added to electronic devices from the outside, unintended electrical signals may be induced to the circuits in the devices and it can lead to a malfunction, damage to sensitive electronic components, and downtime. That’s why EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility) shielding is necessary to reduce electrical noise & its impact on signals and to lower electromagnetic radiation.

Mencom, the North American Master Distributor for ILME connectors, offers rectangular enclosures with EMC shielding to protect the sensitive signals from external electromagnetic signals but also to seal stronger signals from leaking to the outside and interfering with surrounding electronics. According to the transfer impedance measurement test by CESI EMC Laboratory based on German Military standards VG 95214-10 and VG 95214-11, Mencom’s EMC series enclosures with dedicated electromagnetic shields provide additional improvements with better shielding attenuation than their standard metal enclosures that already provide a decent level of shielding attenuation. These EMC enclosures are especially useful when sensitive electronics transmitting critical data/signal operates near welding robots because the EMC series rectangular enclosures can effectively protect the signals and communication inward and outward from electromagnetic interference (EMI) or radio frequency interference (RFI). 

The EMC rectangular enclosures are available in bulkhead & surface mounting housings, and hood versions with various sizes from 22.21 to 104.27. The surface of the enclosures and gaskets are corrosion resistant and engineered to be extremely conducive to seal off stray EMI/RFI signals.


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