EIB 1500 External Interface Box

September 13, 2013

Due to increased accuracy demands for angle encoders exceeding an inside diameter of 100mm, HEIDENHAIN has developed the EIB 1500 External Interface Box. The EIB can be used by OEMs to increase accuracy, or as an upgrade path for current installations in the field by adding extra scanning heads. The EIB 1500 is an interpolation and digitizing electronics unit for digital calculations of two scanning heads which are mounted roughly 180 degrees apart. Ideal for use on rotary tables, stages and tilting axes, this interface box solves the periodic accuracy issues that come with bearings and encoder drum centering on rotary axes.

Specifically, eccentricity and bearing error can be compensated when two 1Vpp position values are averaged and converted to one purely serial signal. The EIB 1500 does this when paired with large hollow-shaft angle encoders without integral bearing. The accuracy of the rotary axis can be improved up to a factor of 3 when an EIB 1500 is paired with HEIDENHAIN's ERM or ERA angle encoders without bearing.

With an IP 65 rating and its compact size, the EIB 1500 is now presented as a series and is suitable for any industrial environment. EnDat, Fanuc, and Mitsubishi are all available output signals. With the EnDat pure serial interface, additional diagnostics and preventative maintenance capabilities are available. The EIB utilizes an output M12 8-pin connection and performs and automatic cable length compensation, thereby allowing long cable runs up to 100 meters.

Related Glossary Terms

  • centering


    1. Process of locating the center of a workpiece to be mounted on centers. 2. Process of mounting the workpiece concentric to the machine spindle. See centers.

  • interpolation


    Process of generating a sufficient number of positioning commands for the servomotors driving the machine tool so the path of the tool closely approximates the ideal path. See CNC, computer numerical control; NC, numerical control.