Duo Air Interface Box

November 23, 2022
Duo Air Interface Box for Data Acquisition

Marposs, a global leader in measurement, inspection and test technologies, has announced its new Duo Air interface box for easy and economical management of a wide range of air gauges. The Duo Air can be supplied with either one or two analog air-to-electronics coverters with adjustable sensitivity and zeroing nozzles for connecting to one or two gauges. Each converter provides an LVDT output signal for easy association to the Marposs’ Duo electronic display unit, offering a compact and affordable solution for measurement applications.  Duo Air is ideal for measurements with small tolerances, requiring high resolution 0.1 µm).

The Duo Air is accurate, robust and versatile, with the ability to accept air gauges from other manufacturers. Both Marposs and non-Marposs air gauges can be easily and immediately connected to Duo Air, with consideration to the following parameters: 

  • Air supply pressure (3 bar ± 0.1)
  • Number of air gauge jets
  • Diameter of air gauge jets
  • “Mid-range gap”; the difference between the mid-tolerance diameter of the part to be measured and the distance between the air gauge jets

In a typical application, the Duo Air offers linearity of < 0.4% of the working range, repeatability of < 0.15 µm, noise of <0.1µm, resolution of 0.01 µm and a response time of only 200 milliseconds.