DBL36 Brushless DC Motor

February 27, 2018
DBL36 Brushless DC Motor

With the DBL36, Nanotec offers a brushless DC motor that is designed for large quantities. The DBL36 is available in three lengths with a rated power of 7.5 W in size S, 18 W in size M and 33 W in size L.

These electronically commuted 3-phase motors are equipped with three Hall sensors, which provide information on the rotor position. They are characterized by very high efficiency and, thanks to their precision ball bearings, smooth running characteristics.

The rated speed of this BLDC motor is 4,800 rpm for sizes S and M and 4,500 rpm for size L; its rated voltage is 24 V. With a rated torque of 1.5 to 7 Ncm and a diameter of 36 mm, the DBL36 is an extremely economical solution for a range of applications.

The winding can be adapted to other rated speeds and voltages in series production.