CV-2100N4 and CV-2100M4 Contracers

June 01, 2014

Mitutoyo America announces the addition of new CV-2100N4 and M4 Contracers to its line of form measurement instruments. These new models replace the CV-1000N2/2000M4 models. The new CV-2100N4/M4 models have been redesigned to offer improved operability and functionality to revolutionize contour measuring systems allowing measurement that is quick, simple and accurate.

The operation keypad has been relocated to the drive unit to improve setup time and speed up high-volume repetitive measurement processes. Operations that are required for every measurement cycle such as stylus position change, measurement start/stop and return are easily accessible, reducing the workload of operators and increasing measurement efficiency.

The new CV-2100M4 has a redesigned quick-vertical motion stand allowing operators to quickly and easily move the drive unit to and from the measurement height. This stand is equipped with reference stops for quick repositioning to the measurement height, ensuring efficient measurement flow. A jog shuttle control for variable speed horizontal movement of the drive unit is now a standard feature, allowing it to be easily moved into the measurement position. CV-2100N4 is a detector unit only model designed for custom integration or for use with optional manual column stand.

The CV-2100N4/M4 detector unit (Z1 axis) is equipped with a highly accurate arc scale. This scale directly traces the arc trajectory of the stylus tip so that the most accurate compensation can be applied to the scale output, leading to higher accuracy and resolution. This highly accurate digital arc scale not only improves measurement accuracy, but also increases the measurement range of the detector to 50mm.

The CV-2100N4/M4 Contracers are released with Mitutoyo's recently released contour analysis software, FORMTRACEPAK 5.4. This software provides comprehensive measurement analysis and system control and includes; surface roughness analysis, contour analysis, contour tolerancing, and inspection report creation. A wide variety of optional product accessories are available to ensure best fit and performance for any Form inspection application.

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