Compound RP-99S Rust Preventive

October 02, 2017
Compound RP-99S Rust Preventive

Madison Chemical introduces Compound RP-99S, a versatile water-based rust preventive for use on ferrous and copper metals. Applied to previously cleaned parts by immersion, manual spray or recirculated spray methods, Compound RP-99S leaves a nearly invisible, dry-to-the touch film that provides short-term indoor storage protection for treated parts lasting up to four weeks, or longer depending on concentration. The water-based compound contains no oil or solvent, resulting in low use cost.

Compound RP-99S is safe for ferrous and copper alloys, when used as directed. For most applications, Compound RP-99S is used at 2-10% by volume in water varied from 70° to 160° F. Heating the solution will lessen the time required for drying and may improve overall protection results. Treated parts should not be stacked or nested together until dry. Concentrations up to 15.0% may be used for longer rust protection time.

It is also used as a deburring compound in barrel and vibratory equipment for mass finishing operations. Compound RP-99S provides detergency to keep mass finishing media clean and remove light oil and metal chips from parts. It also promotes the sinking of suspended particles and floating of oil for increased tank life of recirculated solutions. Compound RP-99S is used at 1-5% by volume in water for mass finishing applications.

Related Glossary Terms

  • alloys


    Substances having metallic properties and being composed of two or more chemical elements of which at least one is a metal.

  • copper alloys

    copper alloys

    Copper containing specified quantities of alloying elements added to obtain the necessary mechanical and physical properties. The most common copper alloys are divided into six groups, and each group contains one of the following major alloying elements: brasses—major alloying element is zinc; phosphor bronzes—major alloying element is tin; aluminum bronzes—major alloying element is aluminum; silicon bronzes—major alloying element is silicon; copper-nickels and nickel-silvers—major alloying element is nickel; and dilute-copper or high-copper alloys, which contain small amounts of various elements such as beryllium, cadmium, chromium or iron.