Cobot I/O Coupling

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October 24, 2019
Cobot I/O Coupling

Robotiq announced the launch of its I/O Coupling. Designed to eliminate the need to run an external cable along a cobot arm, the I/O Coupling provides manufacturers with an effective solution for common cable management problems. 

It directly connects any of Robotiq’s adaptive and vacuum grippers to the wrist of major cobot models, including OMRON, TM Techman, and Universal Robots. This level of flexibility ensures that manufacturers no longer need to design complicated, customized cable management solutions. 

“Connectivity problems are one of the main sources of unexpected downtime for manufacturers,” explained Annie Guiguère, director of product management and marketing at Robotiq. “With our customers’ challenges in mind, our aim with the release of the I/O Coupling is to provide them with an efficient, easy-to-integrate solution to help eliminate their cable management problems for good.”

The I/O Coupling stores four “presets,” or default, setting options for gripper parameters, including position, force and speed for Robotiq’s Adaptive Grippers, and automatic vs. manual modes and vacuum levels for its vacuum grippers. Manufacturers can easily change these presets within the Robotiq User Interface by simply connecting the I/O Coupling to a PC.

It features industrial-grade components capable of withstanding harsh work environments and intensive use, making the I/O Coupling suitable for applications like machine tending, assembly and pick-and-place.